Support VAW PAC with your Oregon Political Tax Credit!

In Oregon, you can support VAW-PAC & get your money back when you do your taxes!

It’s called Oregon Capitol_1the Oregon Political Tax Credit.  It allows you to give $100/couple or $50/individual to VAWPAC and receive a full “credit” against whatever you have already paid (or will pay) in Oregon taxes.

Its not a deduction, its an actual credit!  You simply make a donation and claim the credit when you do your taxes this year.

 We’re a grassroots organization that’s supported by people like you.

As an all-volunteer organization, we don’t have any staff or any significant overhead.  That means that nearly every penny we raise is put toward electing the right people.

Our mission is so important and, with your help, we can actually reduce the incidents and the impact of domestic and sexual violence.  There is no limit to what you can give to VAW-PAC, but if nothing else, please use your Oregon Political Tax Credit this year.  Your free gift will change someones life.